Sophie Schwinn Stingray

So as i am doing my daily ritual of checking my facebook and doing a little chatting with bob, he sends me this message saying im buying a stingray you gotta check it out! Right after, and before i have time to check out what he is talking about i get a call from him asking if i am down to head north to Logan to buy this bike. Of course i was down and so 15 minutes and a shower later bob and i headed north. When we got to Brigham City we decided Wingers was a must, so we got our wing on. When we get through Logan canyon we are trying to find this guys house and somehow ended up at a 000 cordinate... which i find extremely odd. Even with Logan's weird cordinate system and map quest not being so clear we happened to find our way to the old home of miss sophie schwinn stingray... she is beautiful and Bob is a proud new owner. After picking her up it was a mad dash to get home and try to pack in about 15 mintures for Chruch Camp at Bryce Canyon.


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