Holbrook Canyon Hike

Mike and I went out for a great hike which almost fell through. Luckily it didn't because it became one of the best days ever. Not only did we get to meet the one and only Colonel Jack but we had to ride tandum up to the canyon on my motorcycle. But if that wasn't enough mike's camelback broke and he had poweraid running down his back. I thought it was pretty funny but i don't think he found it too amusing. Then we ended up passing Sami's ex-boyfriend who was pulled over by a cop. Mike gave the queerest wave i have ever seen. Nothing like getting taunted by two dudes riding tandum on a motorcycle. We ended up taking the road less traveled on our hike or should i said the road never been traveled on our hike and ended up in some pretty thick shrubs but we made it clear to the top and had a wonderful view. All and all it was a pretty amazing day.


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