Not In A Million Years

After much debate and the Causey trip getting all mixed up, somehow on Thursday night i found myself headed south to Bryce Canyon National Park. Bob and I were in a frantic rush that night trying to get packed since we had a last minute extravaganza to go get Sophie Schwinn Stingray (see previous blog). We ended up getting done in about 15 minutes and then headed straight for the ward pray church. We met up with Sophie Barth there (yes the real Sophie. And yes Sophie Schwinn was named after miss lovely Sophie Barth) paid for the trip, said a prayer, and headed to del taco since we were waiting for Katie Pridgen. When we got to Kate's house, which by the way is by far the most amazing house ever, Kate's legs were so incredibly sunburn from the dreaded leg tanner.Beware.They match her shirt.
While we were waiting for Kate to get all of her stuff packed in the car bob caught me preparing for a long drive.

We hit loads of traffic trying to get out of slc because of a terrible car crash. A jeep had rolled comletely over on I-15 where they had it down to two lanes. When we got up next to the jeep it was completely smashed in! Super Crazy. We got free from traffic and things went smoothly... well pretty smooth except as shown in the picture above i do tend to have a blatter problem haha. We ended up getting into camp super late that night around 2am. Most everyone was still up and causing problems. Zach Apparently had been trying to get firewood by breakind down a tree and it all turned out bad.

Bob and I set up our tent in the dark and decided to hit the sack. Sleeping wasnt the easiest task... between Neil Snoring unhumanly loud and the lady down the road with the family screaming at our group to go to bed, sleeping was near in impossible. Made it through the night and woke up extra early for a day filled with fun adventures. Also the park rangers were out because of all the problems we caused the night before.... repercussions... 10pm curfew haha

Good Morning Handy Camper!

I first off got my camera to document activities... i realized in the rush to get packed i had left not only my battery on my charger but my memory card on my desk as well. Welp there goes my picture taking oppertunities haha. So this is part of the reason it has taken me so long to get this post up. Anyway we had breakfast and got right into our first activity! Egg toss!!! You know Bob and i won. Free Cold Stone 4 life!... or till our 7 dollar gif card runs out.

Next came the human sling shot and for those of you who dont know what this is... it is an accident waiting to happen is what it is haha. The girls weren't so cordinated with it and i am pretty sure they ran into each other every time haha. Made for great entertainment though.

After we had messed around with the human sling shot we still had a couple hours to kill before we headed out on our real hike. So we decided a pre-hike and photoshoot was most necessary.

After pre-hike/photoshoot we hung around, played some catch, ate some lunch, and then set out on our real hike. Group group group 4. For those of you that were there you will get that haha.

Dance Moves Anyone!

While we were hiking down the trail that led into the canyon we had one of the most perfect experiences. We walked passed a group of people and a lady asks "Who are you guys here for?" Then as she reads our matching t-shirts " Pathway to Descipleship... OH THERE HERE FOR GAWD!!!" haha only response i could come up with is BLOG IT!!! haha.

When we got back from the hike we were poop'd so Bob, Kate, and myself made a bed in the back of Neil's truck and took a nap. Seriously the best decision all camp! When we woke up we were starving and dinner was ready! The linger longer committee far out did themselves on this one! Pulled pork sandwiches, salads or all sort, watermelon, and delicious cookies!!! I guess you could say we were all happy campers. Bishop especially was enjoying his dinner.

Yet Another Handy Camper!

After we had all stuffed ourselves to the brim with this most delicious meal we had a great spiritual fireside and some activities. These last pictures are from some of the activities. Over all it was a most amazing trip. I am glad i did church camp 2009.

Tommy Toenails, He won the nasty toenail contest haha, so gross!

The Girls Lovin the Fireside

Cutest Couple Award

They Do Photoshoots, it's kinda their thing.

Bro Bring Yer Guitar Get Some Babes!!!

I don't remember his name but this picture has changed my life!

Soccer Hackie Crew! Flex Yer Pipes

All and all i think you could say i enjoyed camp this much...

No im not constipated


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