Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Here is my moms float which took the top 2 prizes in the salt lake parade
(which is the 3rd largest parade in the nation)
She Won the Sweepstakes Award (overall)
The Daughters of Utah Pioneers

Do Work!


Umm... WTF...?

What in the heck is the world coming to...?

Is My Knee Supposed To Look Like That?

So I have does this wall rail behind Billy's apartment before and landed it but the picture last time didnt quite turn out, so I figured I would try it again no sweat...
This is where I went wrong.
After a couple of tries and a couple scuffed shoulders from hitting the wall I thought I had it so I went for it. I was about 4ft from the end of the rail and came off early. Usually that is no big deal, I just land on the stairs and try again. This time my feet slid out from under me my knee hit one stair and my hip hit another, while I slid down the remaing stairs dragging my arm. The pics below are two different tries at it and the bottom one was right after I fell, Before I realized my knee was swelling in an unhuman like way. Flex it out bro!

Livin' Proof

Here is your proof that Jeff and I go way back!

Thanks Kate

Yesterday this made my day... Thank you Kate

When Times Get Rough....

You have two choices on a boat rocking in rough seas; think about getting sick or play Van Halen and pretend it's an amusement park ride.

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Good Morning Good Playlist

So i woke up with all of these songs in my head in sequential order... kinda weird i know, but now you know what it's like to be awesome.

haha i believe this last video takes the cake!

Slip N' Crash Singles Ward Parties

So the slip n' slide has been on the agenda for quite some time now. Fortunitely for us someone else had the same idea of a slip n' slide so we got to test out theirs before we have our great all american slip n' slide.

Although many of us left with cuts, bruises, scratches, and slight concusions no one was badly injured or hospitalized.

Meems checking out all 4 of my chest hairs, and us getting soap'd up!

This is only a tast of the carnage that went down... bob no homo.

Isn't Zach just so cute

The only reason there were no broken bones during this is because it was a singles ward activity... it is great to have God on your side.

Gotta love Dave

Firework Attempt

I tried....

Summa Time Swingin

Today Clayton and I took it easy on the shores of good ol' Farmington Pond... We also got a little wild on the rope swing.

He is BACK!!!

After a little over two long months I am finally back on the bl8's!!!
First day back.

Recent Work

Some of The Recent Photos I Have Taken...